I'm home

I’m back home after two weeks in Portugal (Albufeira on the Algarve). We had a good time…didn’t do much apart from eat, drink, sit in the sun (and more often the shade). The weather was fairly predictable…blue skies, temp between 26-30degC (at a guess). We did see a cloud one day (actually it was cloudy most of the day which made a pleasant change) and it rained (briefly) one evening. It’s also fairly windy…enough to blow our parasol away a few times!

I’m surprisingly awake after only 2-3 hours sleep in the last 27 hours. Our flight home was delayed by 4 hours, so we spent nearly 6 hours sitting in Faro airport waiting for the replacement plane to arrive from the UK and I finally got to bed at 03:45 this morning. I was still awake at 04:45…and I think I drifted off between then and approx 07:30. My wife and two sons seem to have done much better than me…they’re stil asleep.

I need to catch up now after 2 weeks without access to a PC (although I have kept in touch with a few people by email from my phone). I wonder what’s been going on whilst I’ve been incommunicado (no that’s not the name of our hotel!)

Welcome home - plenty of reading here for you :smiley:


I’m glad you had a great trip to Portugal. And as Julian said, you have lots of reading to catch up on!

You were away? Seriously, the forum hasn’t missed a beat, a tribute to solid engineering :smiley:

Welcome back Chris.

Can’t believe it has been two weeks already sheeshhhhh…

Grab the sleep when you can, sooner or later the body is gonna say Whoaaaa ok that is it, no more… :wink:


Glad you had a good break. We’re several WD versions down the line since you went away.
Sleep well!

I’m not thinking about new WD versions just now. WD had been running for some weeks (6-7 I think) and was still working when I looked at it this morning. Unfortunately an XP update was queued for the machine which needed a reboot. Even more unfortunately after the reboot I found that at some point in the preceeding weeks/months my hard disk has become rather corrupt. I’m approx 80% of the way through the repair now, so I’ll see how things look once CHKDSK has had it’s evil way with the sectors. I can already see I’ve lost my May2005 WD data. I thought I’d set WD up to do scheduled backups, but it appears not to have been working :frowning:

welcome back chris, hope you had a well deserved holiday :slight_smile:
have you got the pc problems sorted though now?
(after you have had some sleep!!)

The PC is working again, but I think it’s sick. It seems very sluggish which seems odd for a 2.1GHz CPU with 1GB RAM! I think it’s hardware related because the task manager isn’t showing anything running in the background.

if you have a program called 180search, that is a hog of the HD and cpu , i know that (its some spyware)

My WD PC is kept clean. It’s behind a firewall and only ever visits one of about 4 respectable sites, so is unlikely to pick up any spyware. I’ve not run a spyware tool on it recently, but I’d be very surprised if there was anything lurking on it.