Ignore VP2 Barometer

I have a VP2 barometer that is failing badly and the pressure fluctuates between 26 - 34 inHg. From the old posts I found, I believe this is what is causing me to stop getting data from the console. Isn’t there a way for WD to just ignore a faulty sensor?

Hi, if you have set WD to download local airport METAR data you can select an option on the METAR settings to use the barometer reading from the METAR. I have to do this myself occasionally during hot weather as for some reason when the room temperature gets to around 25C and higher the barometer readings on the VP2 console drop dramatically and fluctuate causing anomalies in WD until the room gets cooler again, so i use the METAR value in the interim.

WD uses the barometer reading as a data quality sanity check though
so if its widely out of range then WD will think all the data is out of whack
so that is one problem (even before getting to the point where the metar barometer can be used…but I could change that)

I did try using a local metar but had other issues with that.
If there is a way you could make WD not reject all other data, that would be great!
I am not in a position to replace my console right now.

setting to just use the barometer from a metar should not cause any other issues…what issues did you have?

I have activated the metar again and I do not take any data from VP2 and WD is not using the metar pressure. I am downloading the .taf and checked “use the barometer value…” and “It is a TAF metar”

Hi again, a TAF is an airport forecast for the next 24 hours and doesn’t contain pressure data.

I just turned the metar back on and downloaded and got a .met. My WD barometer is reading correct now and all is good…at the moment. The problem I was having was I would stop getting VP2 data for 12-18 hours a day, then it would come back for a few hours before stopping again. Such as 13Jun20 @0922, I lost data and it returned on 14Jun20 @ 0422. I then lost it again on 14Jun20 @1036m until 2122.

So after a short period of time receiving data WD just started plotting a flat line for all the variables. I restarted WD and the same would happen and it would not recognize that it missed data. With metar off, I have to restart the program every hour, on the top of the hour. If I’m late or over night, it will download all the data it missed. I would like to be able to just ignore the barometer for now.

Hi Brian,
I think that would be useful for me as WD data is now flatlining due to the very hot day for my console making pressure read 604.8mb. Unfortunately I don’t have an air conditioning unit to cool the room down.

Try putting your console in the fridge(if the Mrs. will let you)

OK, what i can do is if you have set to use a metar for barometer then WD will not worry about the barometer check at the start

use a new .zip update of WD

The proper solution is to replace the sensor/or console. As always, Brian has made a workaround for it. But, if you are a little familiar with soldering on a circuit board, you may want to take a look at this…It’s a lot cheaper than a new Console.

I’ve replaced a few chips in ECM’s in cars, and a few chips in (older)computers and had about a 60% success with it, using a small soldering iron. As I am getting older, my hands aren’t as steady as they used to be. Also, components are getting smaller and packed tighter. Nor is my eyesight as good. I am seriously looking at one of these hot air rework stations. I’ve heard that lots of people are going this way. I’ve got a few outdated computers that I can practice on.

Thanks Brian. What about while WD is running already? Will WD still be check the barometer every so often? I got the flatlines suddenly when the indoor temperature got too hot and barometer sensor failed, not when I started WD.

Yes I guess I do need a new console but not in a position to replace/repair right now. The fridge option sounds good but it would warm up again when back in the hot room so back to square one? Portable air conditioning units are expensive too :frowning:

I am running the latest .zip now but heatwave is over for now so will keep monitoring.

I installed the latest zip and use the local metar. My pressure reads fine now but all my other variables flat line, except purpleair. Every 5 minutes, my “Data Received” increases a total of 5 counts.

humm, that is strange
if you could set to log the raw data
under setup, advanced/misc
then email me the rawultimeterdata.txt file
that should be updated

also, what sort of data logger?

Hi, just to check - have you got the METAR download setup as mine? See attached image where I only have the barometer box ticked so that WD uses my VP2 for data except barometer which is obtained from METAR. Maybe WD is using all METAR data and as that data only updates every hour (some airports do 30 minute updates) then data will look flatlined.

I sent the file to your info email address with this topic as the subject .

It is a VP2 data logger and it is a serial version if I remember correctly as it is in a remote location .

It was set up the same way. It would remain flat line over night .