'Idesign Simplicity' Template by Brian Underdown

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Good news Brian :smiley: It would have been a pity if that template was no longer available…


I think your timezone (Pacific/Auckland) and maybe lat/long are incorrect (settings.php).

Have managed what I have done so far via my phone only
As we are picking up a Spanish AFS student

Got that updated via my phone :wink:

Thanks Brian,
It’s a very good script and I am very glad to have him.
Question How can I change the temperature in boxing Windchill with HeatIndex.
:lol: :smiley:

Aha! Your sun data is good, but moon data bad, like mine :frowning:

for some reason the graph data does not populate for me
I see that does work OK for M.P.C.
(as does his moon set time?)
I assume that comes from my wunderground data?
I have set my WU ID correctly in the settings.php
what am I missing?

What do you see for M.P.C.'s moon data?

I see Moonrise: 21-07-2016 21:53 Moonset: 22-07-2016 20:00

The moonrise is correct, but moonset should be 08:53 today (the next moon rise is at 22:29 today).

well at least it was not 12:00 for the moon set…

re my graph problem, I wonder if that is a problem with the php version of the WD server…

In clientrawextra.txt (559) have the correct value of 8:58 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. face value displayed.



My moonset is also 20:00. My graphs don’t populate but my forecast does.


Update: I notice that the forecast is not for my area. Not sure where the forecast is coming from. I do notice that the earthquake data is showing for Turkey even though there are other earthquakes that are closer. Maybe the forecast is from Turkey too?

This template does its own calculation :dontknow:

Update: I notice that the forecast is not for my area
yes similar here... ? the script could be changed to use the moon rise/set from the clientrawextra?

Hi gys :slight_smile:

Looks like mine works fine with dark clientraw version, using php 7 version on host.

Set up cron job for current and forcast.


How can update the file eq3.json earthquake

Looks like mine works fine with dark clientraw version
I actually like the 'dark' version better I will setup a demo of that version and see how that goes ;)

The 2x cron job you set up on your host will run the script stationcron.php and forecastcron.php in cronfiles folder, then thees files in jsondata folder will be updated.

From the setup file:
Cron jobs (important without cron jobs running the template will always use sample data provided in zip file and produce uptodate forecast data)

1.there is 2 cron files in this version and all data is now moved to its own folder called jsodata and cron files are now located in cronfiles folder so please update your cron structure pws/cronfiles/stationcron.php

run these in using php -q /home/xxxxxx/public_html/pws/cronfiles/stationcron.php
xxxx is your home directory on your server

stationcron.php for current sky data run every 6-10 minutes or preferred
forecastcron.php for daily and forecast run every 60 minutes or preferred period

once it is on your server and running the cron jobs you can view the weather station template
your url /pws/index.php

Mine doesn’t work with the dark theme.