Icons? "Tick" the ..."get from Metar" - BUT then what?

I’ve read much of the prose here about WDL weather icons that do not represent real, on-location weather station conditions.

I experience the same issue. I am running with a WMR-968.

Some of suggested tweaks simply don’t work.

Ticking the “get data from Metar” etc. (relative to setting up data deposed to WDL) is recommended, but a question arises quickly.

DOES, ALBIET, the Meta data (in my case the local airport) only serve up a close to reliable WDL WEATHER ICON, or does it overtake the entire data population for weather reported to my website, vs. real conditions my console collects and uploads.

I think I am an OK smart person, but just haven’t read or seen any post that clarifies this.

If so, isn’t this just a “STATIONLESS” paridigm?



Skyconcert - Tenino, Washington USA


There are many many settings to configure how your weather is treated. For instance, I choose to download METAR info that I use at night, but not during the day because I have a solar sensor for that. In every case, there is a way to override the METAR and use your own data. Takes a bit of searching and tweaking, but you can get it to do what you want.

Good Luck and don’t hesitate to ask questions here to help you get it set up.

  • Jim

There are choices on the Metar setup page under Control Panel > FTP and choices under Control Panel > Summary Image/Icons that determine how the metar is used. It’s only a stationless set up if you choose to use the metar that way. IMHO, since you have a station it would be worthwhile to work through a logical process of troubleshooting the icon “errors” rather than introduce another variable by adding a metar to the process. For one thing a metar updates quite infrequently so the metar generated icon can be expected to lag actual conditions.

what weather station type?
which version of WD?
do you have a solar sensor?
you can set WD to have your own stations wind/rain override the metar

what weather station type? - OS WMR-968
which version of WD? - 10.37j
do you have a solar sensor? - No

Thanks for the reply Brian.