Icon setup problems

Currently using v9.85d with a WMII station.
I’ve always used the downloaded metar to update the icon in the summary image, with my stations rain/wind/fog set to override when appropriate.
Since around Mid-July (not sure which WD vesion), the icon doesn’t follow the metar conditions but continually uses the default partly cloudy icon (unless the override kicks in). I’ve tried all manner of combinations to make the icon follow the current metar - but to no avail.
Perhaps one box could be created whereby it states “Use downloaded icon unless your station overrides in the event that…”, instead of having to check a combination of 2 or more boxes (which I feel is probably the root of the problem)? :?
Any help would be gratefully recieved. Otherwise I’m doomed to partly cloudy skies.

Currently using v9.85d with a WMII station. I've always used the downloaded metar to update the icon in the summary image, with my stations rain/wind/fog set to override when appropriate...........
Hi Alex,

Try unticking my stations rain/wind/fog set to override. That option will not work for me either. I am not sure it has worked in the last year.

Any comments please.

Samething with me i only get the partly cldy icon in image summary no matter what is ticked or unticked.And half the time if you have show as a seperate image that will not operate sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not.


I think the problem is solved (or never existed) as the icon has been showing mostly cloudy (as is metar) - rather than partly cloudy today. It seems it’s been a problem with the way the programme interprets cloud distribution in metar code. Would I be right in thinking that if their is more than 1 layer of cloud reported in a metar, the icon will reflect the highest level situation? (Despite the fact that lower layers may be OVC or BKN).
Boxes checked with me are;
use downloaded metar to update icon
you stations rain/wind/fog overrides metar
Do not show icon if it’s the default partly cloudy icon.

I deleted the radar images in downloads,
unticked use web cam as icon,
used an icon in input daily weather,
metar image coincides,
unticked use this image as icon,
http downloaded a fresh image,
selected image in view web cam,
in summary setup ticked use web cam,
in action update web cam and files,main screen icon refreshes to the radar image,I have to do it this way it does not refresh on it’s own anymore.
Now at least when i view my metar the partly cldy image is gone and the radar image is present with the metar.
Hope this means something.

i have a bit more time today…(only a bit…its my birthday )
email me the metar file you guy are using, and your wdisplayftp.ini file from teh registry (see here:
http://www.weather-display.com/exportregistry.html for how)
and your wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt