Icon on main page

The icon shown on the main page remains static, but changes briefly to another image on each minute update, then reverts back to the original. Why is this, and how do I remove it to show just the one.

you need to send me your setup files, as its too hard to figure out otherwise
(wdisplay.ini from c:\windows or c:\winnt and export wdisplayftp.ini from the registry)

ok untick do not show the weather icon if it is the defautl party cloudy icon and you have the snow melt threshold set to low you have it set as 8 the default is 50 that means any rain recoreded when the temperature is above that threshould its treated as snow melt, and wd reports snow melt and the snow melt icon shows so many people have that set wrong, and i have answerred so many forum posts about that and put it in the newsletter and still people have it wrong

also you have it to set the weather icon from the solar data (under solar setup) ticked…if the above does not work, untick that

Thanks Brian, that part seems now to be working

there is some good news
i need some good news
i am so sick with the flu, its horrible,…never been this sick for years…
feel like i am sorrunded by concrete…everythign aches, head goes thump when i move…
yeah yeah yeah…

I feel so sorry for you. That is something I now dread happening to me. As I am now a widower and having a 7 year old daughter to look after, what will happen if I am bed ridden! For God’s sake, don’t send it this way.

the first kid to get it, 1 week later is just starting to be more normal
the 2nd kid to get is in the 3rd day of being real sick

its a real nasty one!