Icon Mostly Cloudy

How is it possible, My WD picture shows Mostly Cloudy but on my website is the icon (N)OVC!
I know there is a picture, Partly Cloudy even on WD and then is de icon right on my site, but why not with Mostly Cloudy?



I also see this problem with the current conditions image. When I get ‘mostly cloudy’ and ‘cloudy with clear patches’ at night it shows novc.gif (night overcast). The correct icon for these conditions is nbkn.gif (night broken). It seems WD is placing the wrong number in testtags and clientraw which causes the website to display the wrong image.

The reason for this is that WD outputs a number depending on the weather condition. In the php code is an icon array which connects an image to the number. So in this case WD outputs number 13 which is connected to the image novc.gif.

Part of the array is shown below:

$iconList = array(
“skc.gif”, // 0 imagesunny.visible
“nskc.gif”, // 1 imageclearnight.visible
“bkn.gif”, // 2 imagecloudy.visible
“sct.gif”, // 3 imagecloudy2.visible
“nbkn.gif”, // 4 imagecloudynight.visible
“sct.gif”, // 5 imagedry.visible
“fg.gif”, // 6 imagefog.visible
“hazy.gif”, // 7 imagehaze.visible
“ra.gif”, // 8 imageheavyrain.visible
“few.gif”, // 9 imagemainlyfine.visible
“mist.gif”, // 10 imagemist.visible
“nfg.gif”, // 11 imagenightfog.visible
“nra.gif”, // 12 imagenightheavyrain.visible
“novc.gif”, // 13 imagenightovercast.visible

It therefore seems that WD may need tweaking to ensure that for mostly cloudy and cloudy with clear patches at night, icon number 4 is set instead of icon number 13.

Thanx for reaction.

So, is it a BUG in WD? or is there not a icon for Mostly Cloudy?


Technically, yes it is a bug in WD but also something that may have been programmed a while ago and hasn’t been updated recently in line with the new icons and arrays used on websites therefore causing incorrect results to occur. Considering Brian gets many requests for new features and changes, this may of been overlooked because it was seen to be working well for other conditions. Therefore it may be worth asking Brian if he can program WD to output icon number 4 when the current condition is ‘mostly cloudy’ or ‘cloudy with clear patches’ at night. Once this is done then nbkn.gif will be shown instead of novc.gif.

nbkn.gif is the correct icon for mostly cloudy / cloudy with clear patches and is the icon used in the wxsim forecast for these conditions. I have filed a bug report for this to see if Brian can have a look into it.


But, when Mostly Cloudy picture is on WD, is (N)OVC on my website, how can I change that to (N)BKN ???

And Yes, I can ask Brian for a new update, but he is so bussy, i think!! :frowning:


Mail is on the way to Brian!!! :wink:

The WD main screen icon is set separately from the website icon number.

The problem is that WD is outputting the wrong number which is causing the website to load the wrong icon.

Whilst the code can be changed to display the NBKN icon, the problem is within WD and is best fixed by Brian to ensure that no other wrong icon issues occur.

A bug report has been filed as WD outputs the wrong number for overcast as well as mostly cloudy. Hopefully Brian will have it fixed soon. But it’s not a major issue as I am sure that the layperson doesn’t notice the problem.

ideally what I need is the settings files and the metar file used
when the problem is occuring

use a new .zip update, ready now
should be better for this problem

Hmmm… and again! When WD shows the picture Mostly cloudy, then on my website come’s the picture NOVC !!
So, WD takes not automaticly the right Icon.

best thing is .zip and email me your settings files and the metar file in use when the problem occurs
but make sure you are using build 47 latest


You mean like: wdisplay.ini and the METAR file??

And yes, ! i’m using build 47.


Thanx Brian !!! you have solved the problem, with Ver. 10.37R Build 51.
Again, thanx a lot!


I know that is not the correct topic for my problem but it is close.
I would ask everyone to help me in Weather Display program Tick the option: Your station’s rain / wind / fog overrides The Metre
Before I had a good set, but now I just can not turn it das option, and I just need it because I do not use meter data. Thanks for your help.


Control panel> FTP &Connections METAR/NOAA there are options, and here:
Control panel> Solar Sensor.