Icon/Metar matchup getting worse?


Seems things have gotten worse with the Icon/Metar match.
The metar reports overcast, heavy rain with thunder, mist, lightning observed… and the icon chosen is ‘Mostly Fine’ ???

It also seems the station overrides metar may not be functioning.

Help please 8O


Are you using the option “Use coded instead of decode to up date the icons” on the Summary Image/Icons setup form? When I switched to this my icons improved at bit. I still have a few mismatches but its better than it was.

Side note:
It seems that the metar use to TOTALLY control the conditions and this should still be the fact if the option “You stations rain/wind/fog overrides the metar” is NOT checked. The fact of the matter is I believe it is using the stations rain to set the current conditions or it would not say DRY when the metar is showing a form or rain. Brian may need to look at this.

Unfortunately, I have tried using coded instead of decoded with no success.

Brian… here’s another one… Metar says Overcast, light freezing rain, mist… and the icon chosen is ‘Mostly Cloudy’ :frowning:


Mine is doing just fine. Perhaps when you customized the images things went south?


just email me the metar keith when it is mismatching
then i can fix

Okay Brian, I’ll keep a running list for a while and send it to you at a later date.

Thanks - Keith