ICON in monthly file

I have just taken a look at my January2005.htm file and it has a sunny.gif in it for yesterday. Now I dont understand why it chose this icon as there was no sunshine at all yesterday. When I look back at December2004.htm there are no icons at all for any day of the month.

Surely I should either have no icons at all, or the correct icon for the average weather for the day which would have been cloudy for yesterday.

Can anyone explain this?

i know that an icon will appear in the monthly report for a day if you click on “input daily weather” and click on one of the icons on that screen - did you do that at any point yesterday?

Yup, that’s what did it. I was looking to see how you change the icons. I have done it again today to change all the icons. Is there some way to stop this happening? Will it disappear?

You could actually edit that monthly webpage in your favourite webpage editor - just delete the image and nothing else.

WD just appends data to the end of the monthly data every day so just deleting that one image should be fine.