? - Icon Display

Another newbiw question from me as I’m going through the pangs of setting my station up.
I have noticed that the icon display really doesn’t get near what’s ahappening.
It’s 11pm and the display is showing bright sunshine, (I don’t think so)
How does this get it’s info and how is it supposed to track where it’s at??
Pointers even Doh responses welcome.

Hi Q,

From the online help page
How do I get the sun & moon rise and set to work correctly?
Follow the procedures described in the Entering Location Data help page.
Only enter degrees, and minutes (i.e no decimal places). For southern hemisphere, the latitude is a negative number. (The latitude is the lines parallel to the equator.) For places West of GMT (i.e England), the longitude needs to be negative. For some time zones, you may need to use the “fine tunes” to get the rise and set times for your location to be accurate.

I did check this and in the online help it suggests
“and if you are west of GMT (i.e west of the UK/England), ie. You live in the USA] then have a negative number for the longitude”

And yet on the sun/moon rise - set screen it shows a - for east of GMT.

Having done all of that I still have the sun shining, oh well a quirk I’ll have to live with I guess :cry:

Also check that your PC time and zone are set up correctly. If that’s the screen I’m thinking of then use the up/down buttons to change the lat long rather than try entering the numbers.

it used to be that way around, but it has now switched in the program…
(the help file needs to be updated)
check under view, sun moon, what the sun rise and set times are
also, make sure you have the numbers the correct way around for lat/long
and also check under input daily weather you do not have ticked use this image as the main icon image

Maybe you have an old version? In 9.85E (and presumably later) there are check boxes for east of greenwich / southern hemisphere which is a lot easier than the + - stuff (thanks Brian!).

Don’t forget to hit the green check mark button before you exit that screen (been there, done that, more than once)

You can also look in wdisplay.ini and see what values have actually been stored.

Hmmm, thanks for the guidance, now I’m still flumoxed :!:
Checked everything suggested and it appears as it should be.
Of course right now with wall to wall sunshine, I’ll have to wait some hours to see if anything changes.