IButton LINK and WD problems

Hi all,

Anyone using the iButton LINK with WD? I just got one and everything works except my AAG barometer. The barometer trace is flatlined because the LINK doesn’t seem to deal with the A/D very well. The reason I think it’s the LINK is that eferything works my DS9097U.

Here’s a sample from the 1-Wire setup page of WD"

running aag baro now
running baro program
new aag baro reading =-342.7 hpa
Error reading A/D state page (-7)!
Error reading A/D state page (-7)!
Error reading A/D result page (-7)!

Any ideas?

i do know the link can be a bit funny at times…
try a pc reboot?

Hi ,
I use a ibuttonlink adapter on my complete setup ( including JJware barometer ) . The only problem I have sometimes is the wind direction RomID disappears ( no wind direction ) .
Usually if I swap back to the DS9097U adapter ( it’s sometimes magically reappears ) if it doesn’t ( reboot the PC ) .

Not quite sure where the problem lies ( don’t think is the ilink adapter ) because it happens with the DS9097U adapter as well . I’ve also check using the TMEX viewer ( no ROMid either )
maybe because I’ve got an original dallas V2 station ( either a routine is shutting down or a hardware fault is developing )

Try viewing via the TMEX viewer and check whether the ROMid is appearing . You can then click the ibutton view and see if the chip is working .

rocketman, while you are here, i have added in your suggestion where you can convert wd log files to csv log files now (see under action, import log files )



That Ilink, is that a Dallas USB adapter where you can put Ibuttons in ?

its a replacement for the dalla 1 wire serial adaptor
but you can now get a USB adapator…(and I think it works with wd)

Hi ,

Attached URL link for the ibuttonlink adapter .
It’s not a USB device ( serial only ) http://www.ibuttonlink.com

It’s not cheap, but it does work .


I’ve tried the TMEX software to troubleshoot the iButton LINK. With the LINK installed, I do not get the wind direction ID at all. I can switch right back to my DS9097U, run TMEX, and I get all my IDs. I just don’t get why the LINK is not working for the wind direction. I’ve even installed a shottky diode at the end of my 1-Wire network (as Dallas app note suggests to help clamp the negative-going pulses).

$35 for this adapter is so far wasted money. Back it goes to the maker.


Whoops! I wasn’t very clear in my last post.

I originally had problems seeing any 1-Wire ROM IDs with the LINK. Then I put in the shottky diode to clamp the negative-going spikes on the LAN. After that, I could see the AAG barometer but could never get the AAG version 3 wind direction to function. So that’s where I am now. And back to my original DS9097U adapter.

BTW, I am using the Dallas Java iButton viewer to read the ROM IDs.

I think I found the problem. A while back I put an RC filter on my 1-Wire LAN right at the DS9097U adapter. This was suggested by Dallas to reduce noise on the LAN and improve data quality.

When I got an iButton LINK adapter, I did not remove the RC filter and this seems to have caused BIG problems with the adapter working correctly!