I Think This Topic Has Gone On Long Enough

The “Carterlake/AJAX/PHP Templates available …” is now over 100 screen loads long. Going through all of those screen loads to find info on just AJAX or a specific web page is getting almost impossible. Is there a way to split that one topic up into separate topics?

I tend to agree with you. We could add a post saying basically “please post any issues in new threads” and lock the original. Threads can be split, but I’m not sure we can pick and choose individual posts to split into different threads, also some posts address multiple issues so that would make it very difficult (and I doubt anyone has the time anyway).

I agree, so as you see I created separate topics rather then adding to the main thread. It would be nice to lock the topic and guide people to create separate threads. Trying to follow subjects in the main thread is doable but not easy.

Mike - N7DQ

I disagree with splitting it up. It was stated in the beginning that was the place to ask all template questions so that all the problems and answers would be easier to find rather than spread out all over the board. If one does a proper search one can find any information they need in one place. Besides which, for a new user, reading through the thread in its entirety is an education unto itself because there are all sorts of tidbits of information that possibly would not reach a seperate thread.

I don’t believe the thread says that, and without any organization I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect anyone to read 100 pages of intermingled topics. This subforum was set up as the place to discuss template issues so they are not spread all over the board.

Just my 2 cents worth…opinions are like (insert your own analogy here) everybody has one. :smiley:

That thread looks like my desk :lol:

Just my 2 cents worth........opinions are like (insert your own analogy here) everybody has one. 

I have several.


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