I show a new picture topic in my website


I have translate my new picture topic in english, its title is :" clouds modified by the men", we will can see clouds torn by the planes.

I have add pictures about parhelia and lighting effect too.


I think I will add snow pictures and ice (about the weather very cold in start of March) .

A+, bye

" clouds modified by the men and 3 new lighting effects "
It really should be
Clouds modified by man and 3 new lighting effects.
Nice site Nemlod! :smiley:

Tanks Zolfo

I’m sorry, my english is approximate !! Make a english version it’s many time !

I have a question about the wind: what unit do you use in England and in USA ?

Here in the US generally we use “mph” Miles per hour…


In the UK we generally talk about mph as well since most people don’t really have a feeling of what the speed is in kilometers per hour.

Very interesting site. The lighting effects link http://perso.wanadoo.fr/meteo.cb/english/pictures/lighting-effect.html isn’t working for me today or yesterday. Is it working for you guys?

I have modified my mistake !! It’s good now. Thank you !
The html-codage is’nt always easy…