I purchased a ws2010-13 data logger and a temp/hum sensor!

to fix some issues wtih the data logger in WD (the beast), and to get it to work on the linux verison :slight_smile:
but no activating magnet (which would come with the base station), so i will have to hot wire the temp/hum sensor!


Any small magnet should work in place of the original, It only operates a small reed relay on the circuit board. I once thought I had a sensor with a problem realting to the relay, but the are generall pretty reliable devices.

It will be interesting to see if you find inprovements in the WD code to be more accomodating for the data from the ‘Beast’s’ data logger.


That’s good news Brian!
I’d be interested to hear your opinion of the 2010 compared with others you have experience with.