I/O error 103 in clientrawrealtimeftp

After upgrading my pwsWD computer to WD build 151 using my Tempest for data I am seeing the error as shown in the attachment. The strange thing is that WD will not auto-start clientrealtimeftp when I run WD. For now I am manually running it after starting up WD.

Occasionally the clientrealtimeftp will successfully upload the files. I did reset file permissions on the server but that didn’t change anything. So what is this 103 I/O error trying to tell me? Anybody else run into this? I plan to downgrade to a previous version of WD if I can’t solve this issue. But before doing that I wanted to ask here on the oft chance someone else ran into this issue.

If the clientftp and the ftp programs were both updated check your firewall to allow the new versions
You could try older versions of those 2 files first

I don’t believe it is a firewall issue since it works occasionally. I will try downgrading my version of WD and see if anything changes. I don’t understand who/what is creating the error. Is it my local computer or my webserver that is throwing the error?

Dropped back to WD version 149 and not a single error using realtimeclientrawftp v10.3. IIRC this is the same version used in WD v151 but will need to confirm.

** :confused:** I dunno…re-installed build 151 and (fingers crossed) no errors.