I need a temp only sensor for a WMR918/68

so I can get WD to work with one as I have one of those stations here now
Can someone lend me one or know where I can buy 1 from?

If I had an extra sensor I’d send it to you in flash, but since I don’t, here’s a link where you might consider purchasing one:

This is just a temperature sensor that you’ve mentioned.

i contacted weather tools

they said get it localy
i said i cant
they said it will be expensive to ship
i said want to purchase one (i said that the first time)
they said it costs 49$ US to ship overseas, (which is more than the cost of the sensor) and they only accept american express card, for overseas orders, which of course I dont have.

so I have asked where else I can purchase one…(have not heard back yet)
(Ed would have a heart attack!)

I’ll buy you one and ship it. How much would it cost me to ship it to NZ?


is ambients web page

that would be great greg
as i have a few people who like this to work with wd (its for the wmr918)

I can pay you via paypal greg
Brian Hamilton
Tindall Road
New Zealand
is my address
I think UPS will do the trick…

To buy it and get it shipped to me will be $32.87. I’m not sure how much UPS will be but if you give me the go ahead I’ll order it now.

I just checked on the UPS site and its going to cost a mint to ship this package. Check out this site. Maybe I’m calculating it wrong but the cheapest I came up with was $50.37??? Does this sound correct??? Let me know.


If I buy it from Ambient and have it shipped directly to you the cost will be $83.36. Do you still want to proceed?

yup, gulp, fire away
I will eventualy recoop the cost if it is worth having for someone and they purchase WD (i think of it as an investment)

let me know the cost and i will pay you via paypal (whats your adress?)

Do you trust the mail? I guess it would be less than 2lbs, Global Priority Mail $9, 4-6 days acc to www.usps.com. Last time I looked the electronics store across the road had these, I’ll check it out tomorrow. If so I could mail you one for a lot less than $80.


that sounds more like it!

OK, I’ll check it out tomorrow and confirm.

Gents, the other’s to try are FedEx.

US postals service Registered Mail/Air. I got a package shipped that about 1.5lb’s at it was only about $24USD’s

Steve are you handling this? If so let us know. Those USPS rates are tremendously better.

Yes, I’m “it” right now. If I can get one OTC tomorrow I’ll take care of it, in any case I will post a follow up.


I got a THC 138 “Add-on sensor for use with all Oregon Scientific Cable Free products”, I think the only difference is that the actual thermo sensor is at the end of a 3 meter wire instead of inside the box.


$27.01 including a $2.06 contribution to the CA deficit.

Confirm this is OK (no problem to return if it isn’t) and I’ll start it on its way to NZ tomorrow.

sounds great, yes please, thanks!

It’s mailed today, Global Priority Mail, $9, supposed to be 4-6 business days, hard to believe but my fingers are crossed.

I’ll email you about the $.

thanks :slight_smile: