I made a mistake

Hi all

Some days ago, I had to change the webfiles folder. After changing it, WD “freezed”, I mean, some values like temp, hum, wind, etc. did not change, appearing the last values from the time of the change. I tried several things, including repairing the logfile, but I had, finally, to install Wd again. The problem is, along with WD, I erased by mistake the wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.ini files.
So, I had to do everything from scratch.
Now, I’m facing the following problems: the average and minimum temp tags for this month don’t show the right values; and all time records only show data from the date of that change I mencioned above. I changed myself the all time values, but in what concerns “year to date” and “this month” I’m hoping I can get it another way.

Thanks for anyhelp you can give me.



I tried everything. The month logfile is correct, even if some records are missing. However, the average temp for this month tag gives a 2.1

Hi again

I managed, finally, to see what was happening: there was still a tiny error in the logfile, enough to cause a lot of troubles.

However, the minimum temperature tag for the month still shows a 0.0