I lose my sensor signals when I connect my TE923 to my PC for data transfer


I am completely new in this forum and in the personal weather station world !

I have purchased a Cresta WXR815LM weather station, which is exactly the same as TE923 models. Everything works fine excepted when I connect my USB cable in order to transfer data to the PC. Minutes after minutes, I loose each of my external sensors and I need to reset the station to recover them.

Has anybody already faced (and hopefully solved) the same problem ?

Thank in advance.


Similar problem with my TE923W, and I have fixed-it with a small USB UB to increase distance betwen the PC and the main unit.

Also when you lose the sensor you can try to hold DOWN on the main unit or handheld remote to enforce a search for all remote signals.

I hope this help you…

What is a “USB UB”? I’ve not seen that term before.


Me either, but I’m guessing he means HUB.

maybe that tip about increasing the distance will help others

Sorry for my mistake…



Note: chose one with her own power supply.


Thanks a lot for your replies.

Indeed, it looks like it is a matter of distance between central unit and probes.
Bringing them closer removes the problem. Perhaps I was at the limit of sensitivity and activating the USB connection made the link broke (interferences, lower electrical resources, … ?).

Thus for all those people who face the same problem, just try to reduce the distance between sensors and central unit and it should work.

Thanks for your help ! :smiley: