I Killed It!

Brian i tried to go back to 9.54 and now nothing works
no graph no data
error msg
ERROR:‘6.1E+0131’ is not a valid integer
ERROR:‘3.2E+0247’ is not a valid integer

Help i’m melting!

Do a CLEAN install (wipe registry, etc.)


you have some bad entries in the wdisplay.ini file for all time records
email me that file and I will clean it up for you (or just delete the lines where it has those numbers)
I need to add more checks to the all time records so they are not set for stupide values

the wdisplay.ini file you will find under c:\windows or c:\winnt

also, WD creates a back up every 10 minutes, called wdisplayinibackup.ini, where yoyu have weather display installed
ciopy and rename as wdisplay.ini to c:\windows or c:\winnt, in case its still good

why you got the craszuy values…hummm…
what weather station type?

i have cleaned up his wdisplay.ini file
I have also put in more checks for the setting of the all time records that they are not silly readings, in the latest version

good work to a new costumer ! first class !

he joined on the 22nd june 2002 to this forum…
and i remember this happening to him before :(…

oh well, like we all did once (and do)

emilio I should say : don’t panic !
always keep a backup and your wdisplay.ini in stock
to prevent you for melting…