I joined the WDL brigade

have a look at http://www.martynhicks.co.uk/weather/bristolwx.html and use the WEATHER DISPLAY LIVE link

or you could go straight to http://www.martynhicks.co.uk/weather/live.html if you desire.

I have tinkered a little with the config and no doubt may tinker some more. But this is the initial up and running version.

Cheers all.

I’m not sure that F11 is really necessary. WDL nearly full screen on a 19" monitor is pretty big already :wink:

As a serious comment, a lot of people seem to be running WDL so that it fills the whole browser window. I think it looks better filling a smaller area of the screen, with borders (or embedded within the rest of a web site). Just one opinion though…and I’m far from being an expert graphics designer!

well i guess not everyone has a big one - there may be plenty with small ones - I guess I added the F11 comment as when the page is viewed with my top menu, as well as whatever multitude of browser toolbars someone may have hogging the screen, the WDL screen is quite small (well it is on my monitor) - as long as I don’t get complaints from the visually challenged!! F11 is there if they need it.

and the smaller it is the less CPU it tends to hog anyway.

I just wish there was a text colour change function so I could have my dark blue background with light colour text, but I don’t think that is possible.

I did try adding a border round WDL using a simple table but I don’t think Flash likes tables as WDL wouldn’t appear!

WDL can work with an iFrame inside a table. See http://www.weather-watch.com/site/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=46 as a fairly complex (dynamically generated) code example.

I did try adding a border round WDL using a simple table but I don't think Flash likes tables as WDL wouldn't appear!
Others have had problems doing this too but it's never been a problem for me for some reason. My main WDL site uses multiple nested tables without a problem. If anyone can consistently reproduce the cause I'd be interested to know.


A lot of it depends on which browser you are using. I’ve found that what I would consider a normal table messes up with MSIE but Firefox works fine. I’ve kinda of ended up in the middle but plan on making the page smarter this weekend if I can get to actually looking at it.

My current page has tables now. It looks similar in both MSIE and Firefox now.


One thing that I’m doing which is kinda cool is the webpage is physically located on one server, but calls the WDL flash page and data from another server where the weather data is being sent to instead.