I have fixed the memory leak associated with using transparent gif options

took a bit of work and experimenting and fiddling but i now have a winning solution (using a separate .exe, transparentimage.exe
which is included with the version 10.32e, ready soon
this issue has been there ever since i added transparent gif option
and I know forum member Chow will be pleased :slight_smile:

Looks like transparency is not working in 32e…see my sig…

try setting a white background?
mine is working here (direction dial, top right)
with a white background set for that individual dial

i will do some testing of a custom screen,and see what happens

10.32e didn’t work for me either. I use transparency for the summary image only. I rechecked my settings and it was ticked to show as transparent. But I got an image with my normal white backround uploaded to my website instead.


Set the background to white…

back to the drawing board then i guess…
(just got rid of one lot of visitors, more to come later 8O)

as you will see from my signature, i have this working now, this is good news
try a new 10.32e download in the next hour :wink:

took a bit or work and fiddling to get everything just right

Transparency now working for my summary image in the new 10.32e version.

Thanks Brian,


just a note that there was one version where the separate .exe (transparentimage.exe) was not closing, i.e multiple versions running in task manger, and they would need to be end process on each before you could update to the new version of that program with the new 10.32e
good its working for you windman, should be ok for others now too, and this is a good fix to a memory leak, and i am happy…been there a long time and i was finally able to come up with a solution (the memory leak must be part of the gif image component when using transparent)

Yep, found hundreds of open transparentimage.exe in my task manager and WD was crashed. Installed 32e.zip and I see my sig is transparent again so thats good. So far WD is behaving itself and task manager looks ok.

I think you’ve still got a bit of a problem with the transparent gif’s at the moment. :frowning:

They have now all become biased towards the right of the image, with the right edge trimmed off most of my dials.

Also, it appears that I’ve now lost the wind speed numbers, as in they have ‘disappeared’ ! :slight_smile:

I can confirm this problem too with my summary image icon getting chopped off on the right hand side of the icon. But it only seems to hapen during the day when the moon icon is not showing in the image. Here’s a couple of images to show what I mean…

This first image is with the transparency on. Notice the size of the icon. The right side of it is being cut off.

This next image is with the transparency off. Notice the icon is back to normal size

i sent you a email about that…
try not having animated individual dial set?
let me know if that fixes the numbers

the right end edge:
i think i can fix that

Just checked my email then, yes I got the email ok.

I have previously turned off the animated individual dial set, so that’s not the problem. :frowning:

just sent you another email …

Got that and replied with attachment earlier. :slight_smile:

THANKS A MILLION … I knew you would figure it out in the end. I’m back to a version that will now run for weeks but your adding new features that prevent me from getting any uptime. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the memory leak fix.


so you have been using the transparent gif option greg?
i did not realise that, which explains why you had the memory leak problems

I was using the transparent gifs early on and turned it off but the memory leak was still there. I just upgraded a few days ago and the memory leak disappeared. I have since turned on the transparent gifs again. Go figure?

i would say then that you still had a transparent setting enabled somewhere…