I have a Apple i Mac here now :)

the neighbour (well, just down the road) gave it to me for all the help I have freely given with his PC

now, I can start on WD for the Imac
first thing is I need to upgrade to the latest OSX (which has development tools,etc)

and I see I need 9.2 first…
and it will cost me 129$ US…

Why do you need 9.2? That OS is like Windows 95 in PC terms - old. System 10 has been around for quite a while which is why System 9 is often referred to as ‘Classic’. Modern Macs can’t boot into Classic but they run a version of it in an emulator inside OSX, which is pretty clumsy in my experience.

If your iMac can’t run OSX then I guess you don’t have too many options. If you can run OSX then you can develop in languages such as Cocoa, which has a modern look and feel (and is allegedly easy to program in, not that I would know). The latest version (10.3) is around $200 AU.

Just remember with Macs there are as many if not more ‘platforms’ as there are on the PC, and one size does not fit all. Good to hear you are looking after us 5% though 8).

Watch out for the Mac bug. It’s normally lurking somewhere in the box or hidden in the keyboard.

Once it bites you, any logic you used to have on the use of multiple platforms will leave you making you think that Macs are the only solution to any computing problem.

There is a similar Linux bug out there too but not quite as vigorous. But the results can be the same.

from my understanding you need 9.0 first before you can go to 10.3
is that not correct?
can I go straight to 10.3?
It does look like i need another 64k of memory though (I eventualy found some info on the pc specs)
there is 4.6gb of HD left, just enough…


Wow…the Mac must be incredibly memory efficient!

I thought osX was based on linux with it’s own version of the X desktop?

I believe the official word is "MacOS X [Ten], the next generation operating system for the Macintosh, has evolved from

Apparently it is required if you are upgrading from System 8 (more detail). I would do some research on the age of the system and how well it runs OSX before jumping into this, otherwise you might waste close to $300 that you could have spent on a new Mac with OSX pre-installed :).

Did you check out the tech specs for OSX?

i have the imac bondi blue (but its red)
by the looks (the one I have has a CD in the front)
I will need to go from 64 to 128mb ram by the looks

Even my phone has more memory than that. #-o

There is a rumour floating around that a ‘headless’ Mac will be released at Mac World San Francisco in about 2 weeks time (nearly all Macs except the pro desktop range come with built-in displays). If the rumour is true it will be very interesting as the price is quite low and it might tempt some PC users to switch over.

Brian, it would be a nice machine to develop WD for OSX :).

Hmmm, deja vu all over again

wow most linux distro require 128mb. I wonder how much swap mac uses?


Well, it turned out to be a pretty strong rumour:


Looks good, if it ran windows I would definitely be interested in one :lol:

Haha :lol:.

You can run Windows XP on a Mac with Virtual PC, which is part of Office for OSX. Some of us use it to remind us why we switched ;).

Next time I see Steve Jobs in the supermarket I’ll ask for a sample :lol:

Why would you want to take a backwards step? 8O