I am starting to feel a little defeated in trying to setup a Carter Lake.

This is my site atm - http://mahutaweather.no-ip.org/

It is just the very basic setup. It isn’t even Carter Lake (as I am just trying to figure it out the Carter Lake).

I though I was onto something here with this page - http://saratoga-weather.org/wxtemplates/setup-WD.php. But I am unsure what I am suppose to see after doing it.

Where is the carterlake page with the link problem that you referred to above?

I have to head out for Christmas shopping atm. Wife wants to go out. Will be back later. I’ll be honest if one of you guys want to remote into my PC with TeamViewer have a look at and show me like that, I wouldn’t have a problem with it…I would actually be very grateful (if possible let me know).

Link I refereed to are these ones -

http://members.cox.net/carterlakeweather/templatewebsite1.zip over at http://www.carterlake.org/webtemplates.php and every zip file downloads at carterlake.org are not working.

WD has built in support for the original “carter lake” style web site
(like my one is)
you can use the build in setup…see under control panel, web files/web page setup…first tab…scroll down…to see the setup…if you have ticked to use Carterlake
edit the template file
in the webfiles folder

Eureka! I think I finally figured out what problem you are reporting.

I think you are in WD on the Basic Carter Lake Style Web Page Set Up, and you are editing in the Links to Web Pages box, hitting the Update File button, and the changes are not being made in the mywebpagetemplate.txt file. Am I correct? If so I confirm what you are seeing, I can clear that box, hit update and the links are still there.

If you’re using the WD build-in Carterlake then there’s an FAQ about it here: http://discourse.weather-watch.com/t/52816
As I’m over in Scotland then I’ll be in bed by the time you get back from shopping so I can’t help on that one I’m afraid, I should be in bed now as it’s 02:43 over here. #-o

I had not actually coded for a complete clear of the links to then be passed on to clear that section
i.e its designed, in the code, to add links…to the template…
you are best to edit the file direct if you want to remove links…

Editing the file directly will take care of it. But the links will still come back in the edit box next time so I can see how that’s confusing.

ah, I see the problem
I was not resetting the saved entries in the ini file before saving the latest changes
this problem will be fixed in the next update

Ok understand about the links stay and having to edit them out via notebook.
I have decided to try just to get a CarterLake type web page displayed/working on another computer by installing WD and just trying to figure it out. Not risk totally messing up what I do have working on my main WD computer.

I am trying to follow the instructions at http://saratoga-weather.org/scripts-WD-AJAX.php, I have read the http://saratoga-weather.org/AJAX/WD/AJAX-WD-readme.txt, I think I understand some of it…downloaded the http://saratoga-weather.org/AJAX/WD/ajaxWD-carterlake-V2-14.zip - unzipped it and copied it into my web folder (left it at default dir WD uses).

I am now trying to follow the instructions http://saratoga-weather.org/AJAX/WD/readme.pdf. On page 1 and 2 it talks about FTP to upload the files to the web server I use. I host the web files on another system in the house. But I am thinking it is just talking about uploading the zip file mentioned above (ajaxWD-carterlake-V2-14.zip).

I have now ran into something I don’t know what to do in the AJAX/WD/readme.pdf in -

Section 2) Setup files for regular uploading

The pictures looks like this in the instructions.

Changing the wxlocal.html to index.html would be easy if in WD it didn’t currently look like this :banghead:

I do not see any way to change the wxlocal to index. Is it as simple as I think it is in the PDF instructions provided by Saratoga-Weather? As easy as generating wxlocal.html and having it renamed to index.html? Once the file is renamed does it point everything to the ajax files and images folder that Saratoga-Weather provides in the zip file of their site? I have a funny and heavy feeling it won’t be that easy.

I just really want to get this CarterLake working. Once I get the thing to display I am pretty sure I can get the rest going…I think.

Please also do note I host the WD webpage generate site on one of my home computers on the network. I actually run WD on one computer and have it send the files to another computer where apache and no-ip are running. I had to to this in order for the site to never be offline. I would have to take the site down whenever my VPN on the main computer.

Also, just so I am clear on what I wanted the site to look like…something like this site for example - http://www.mangawhaiweather.co.nz/, I thought I should mention it just incase I don’t have a full understanding of CarterLake.

you need to use the special file conversion, file #29
where you can set the local (eg testtags.txt )and remote (e.g testtags.php) file names
and set the times to create and times to upload

also what you are wanting to do is the Saratoga templates…which are much expanded on the original Carterlake template (which my site uses)

I’m trying but not a whole lot of luck, I don’t know what I am doing ( am sure the ss says it all). I tried putting wxlocal.html in the Local file Name spot but it kept disappearing. So I put in mywebpagetemplate.txt and it stayed after saving. But I don’t see an index.html being created. I am just grasping at straws.

Test Site still looks like this -

The basic CarterLake is pretty easy to do really. For someone of my level of (webpage design/language) knowledge…in order to get this Saratoga going, (for me) requires an in-depth or perhaps a basic up to date guide (haha with pictures even). I don’t have enough knowledge to do this, my webpage setup abilities are almost nil.

I’ll have another look tonight or tomorrow…but right now I have to go do some video editing, video stabilization editing, some photoshop and throw it all together in a video to music…easy stuff compared to this webpage stuff #-o.

the saratoga site uses the testtags.txt template file, included with the files you download from the saratoga site
and so you then set that as the local file name
and then you set the remote file name as testtags.php
which is then used by the index.php web page (ie index.php being the saratoga php template)
there are other php setup files you need to upload

and not mywebpagetemplate.txt (which will just give you the original basic carterlake style web site that you see)

there is a detailed help included with the saratoga download

There is no testtags.txt file in the zip file I downloaded from Saratoga -

But there seems to been one already in my main wdisplay folder that looks like this when opened. Is this the correct one? Seems to have been created from me ticking Create and upload testtags.txt as testtags.php?

Humm, I thought there would be one in the files you downloaded
maybe someone else could help about that

there is an original one included with the full install, as you have found

the simple carterlake template I can help with, the Saratoga scripts/templates/php stuff I am not expert with, sorry

If you downloaded the Weather Display Plug-in for the template then you should have a folder called “WXtags-template-files” and the most up to date version (v1.07) of testtags.txt is in there. There is also a “Read Me” in the folder that tells you how to set up WD to produce the testtags files.

If you look under the “Templates” menu tab on the Saratoga website you’ll find complete install and setup instructions under the heading of “Configuration”.

Base U.S. template website setup: http://saratoga-weather.org/wxtemplates/Settings-config-USA.php
Installation: http://saratoga-weather.org/wxtemplates/install.php
Weather Display Setup: http://saratoga-weather.org/wxtemplates/setup-WD.php
Weather Display Plug-in Setup: http://saratoga-weather.org/wxtemplates/Settings-config-WD.php
Setting up the Fly Out Menu: http://saratoga-weather.org/wxtemplates/menubar-config.php

thanks Budgie :slight_smile:

Well after 6 hours of working on this I have managed to figure out and get PHP working on my home web server.

My test site looks like this - I don’t know why it looks like this…but this is what it looks like.

I am still just trying to get the template to display as a page…I haven’t even gotten to WD doing any file updates to the data.

what’s the link to the site???

There is no link to this site as I am running it on my home Lan on a secondary computer. I am trying to get it functioning properly before I take what I know and set it up on my Live working WD internet site. I don’t want to mess the page I have that does work.

Oh and thanks Buggie for the links. I have gone through the steps. Guess I’ll take another crack at it today.