I am new here

Hello, well I have just signed up and I think this is a fantastic looking site, a neat layout and easy to follow. My name is Daniel and I have been interested in the weather ever since I was a baby. I am only 15 years old however I know a fair amount about the weather and hopefully over the coming weeks I will be able to show you by adding my input and getting stuck into the discussions that get going here. I am from North Kent although I was born in London, and I am very friendly :oops:

I would just like to ask where can I post my forecasts, because I cant seem to find a suitable place. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel and welcome to the forum.

We don’t have anywhere, mainly because this is a very international forum with people from a lot of the world’s time zones and countries joining in every day. A forecast for North Kent won’t be of much use to someone in New Zealand, California, Hawaii, Japan, mainland Europe, etc. Also forecasts get out of date very quickly, so they’d have to change regularly. Discussions on forecasting techniques are of interest though and if you want to post a link to your forecasts on your own web site that’s OK.

Welcome Daniel, Quite a few from the UK… and you can check out WU for local weather stations close to yourself and on the Weather Display weather station world map…




One of our members is close to you perhaps…


Go to the Google map and expand to see your region…

Cheers and have fun!!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Welcome Daniel to the wonderful world of Amateur weather, the wonderful program (WD) and the people who haunt this place.

Anytime you have a question, post it; someone will know the answer, and be glad to help out.

Check out members sites - they’re scattered throughout the world; some sites are similar, some far ‘richer’ in content than others, but they all have a common goal; report the weather in their little corner of the world.

Maricopa, Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Hi Daniel and welcome to the forum.

You didn’t mention how you make your forecasts, would be interesting to hear how you make the forecasts and if they are accurate for your area. You also might want to check out the WxSim forum as a few of us on here use that software to gather data, both from external sites as well as our own wx station, to forecast very localized predictions for where we have our stations.

Hi Daniel

Welcome to the forum.
There are some real experts in many weather and IT fields who I’m sure will help if you have any probs.

Enjoy your weather watching; it’s a compulsive hobby.

He has a very flash weather forecasting website here… UK remember…