I am in deeeep troble

I have tried version 9.81 and some how corrupted my files, :oops:
the result, I had to install totally new into a new dirctory. My question now is which files do I have to transfer from my old directory to my new one, so it can keep running without loosing any data, recordings.
Thanks for your help.

what happened exactly?
i did make a revamp of the web cam capture ,which i hoped was for the better…anything to do with that?


the folder log files and datafiles and webfiles are important

by installing to a new directory, your program settings are intact in the file wdisplay.ini as that resides in the window or winnt directory, and then ftp/internet settings are safe in the registry
if there is a corruption in the wdisplay.ini file, its easily fixed as you can eidt it with notepad.
to really start fresh in a new directory, you need to create a file there called 2wd.txt (and make sure its not called 2wd.txt.txt (i.e do not have ticked hide known file extensions in the folder options)

hope that helps.

record high barometer here at the moment, 1034…

record high barometer here at the moment, 1034....

We hit 1037mb a couple of months ago. I think I was a couple of inches shorter that day due to all the extra pressure on top of my head :wink:

1037hpa at Trentham Weather 8O

actualy my barometer (home built) doesnt go any higher than 1034…but thats about what the reading is here at the moment,and cold…this is a high that bubbled off antartica!

leo, the rain for the day is working agian in the latest vers in the av/ext report, and the metar should be good, yes?

Hi Brian 1038 at Trentham now ! 8O

Air Temp of -5.9C at 08:45 this morning at Trentham ! 8O

Haven’t had any rain so can’t say about avg/ext

The only station I can get the metar.gif to display on webpage is S/W
& I don’t know why :?:

But it still seems to be stuck on partly cloudy :roll:

My problem has been that Wdisplay did not started after reboot, and so where a couple of other programs. I saved the lot after a Window reinstall/repair, looks like it is all kapai now. I will try again the new Wdisplay update. I hope I get it all going, I am going on holiday next week. Germany here I come.
Thanks a lot for all your help. :lol: