Hurricane tracking site that we use for quick info

We use the tropical weather lab at during hurricane season. Pretty much anything you could want all on one
page and links out to the main provider sites should you need more detailed info. The site has been up for about 2 years and so far has been really on top of latest updates and imagery as they become available.

Let me know what ya think.

Who is “we”?

I would guess he means we as in he is the owner of the site…

Administrative Contact: [b]MOXIE, KOKO[/b] PO BOX 56284 ST PETERSBURG, Florida 33732

I’ve always used myself …

Apparently the name “KOKO MOXIE” refers to two dogs rather than a specific person.

“KoKo and Moxie guarding mom’s Christmas gift…” found on the page…

didn’t know that domains could be owned by “dogs”.

Oh, I see, yet another linkspammer who doesn’t have the integrity to admit he/she is promoting his/her own site :roll:

…and yet another huricane website with nothing but linked info from other sites. Nothing original.


Here are a couple of other sites that might be useful.

This site is mainly for the Gulf Coast (TX, LA, MS, AL, and west coast of FL) and contains information on just about every local, state, and federal resource you can think of along with URL’s and contact phone numbers. It also has evac route weather condition information, marine (buoy) conditions, RSS and ATOM feeds, and text mode for cell phones and PDA’s.


Here is personal website you might find useful for hurricane tracking. It has a lot of sat maps, weather conditions of selected cities, and sea (buoy) weather conditions.

It’s interesting that the site is designed for larger than 1024 pixels… so 50% of your visitors will have the scroll bar?

Hey, it’s a BIG site :lol:

If you don’t want links here then why did you solicit for them in this forum topic. Nice group of people here… As for being the owner, sorry can’t claim that credit but I’ve referred this thread to him and hopefully he will come here and respond to the lashing. I use that page because I live in Florida and it works for me. Am I a member of the site? yes Am I not too original in my nick choice…sorry I will admit lameness there but it certainly doesn’t deserve the flaming that has taken place here. Again…if you don’t want the links then don’t solicit for them.

I guess this as good a place to start as any other in the thread. Thank you for pointing out a throwback pre site launch when my site was privately listed. Honestly forgot all about it (but it’s been corrected). Would you like our direct phone number as well :lol:

You’re right and we clearly tell people on the front page of the site about this. I have no intention of catering to old technology. In the process now of creating a kinder gentler soft and fuzzy sister site just for those who insist on everything fitting nicely on a 14" monitor. Launch date sometime first week of November.


Thank you for the critique and I’m sorry if KoKo has offended anyone (he’s been coached). We have strict site posting policies and I expect them to be followed at all times by members, based on the topic of this forum section it doesn’t appear that he violated any policies (yours or ours). As for original content, I claim no ownership of the content in our labs. Each lab has a forum explanation and proper credits as required. The page was actually created to serve a need more at a personal level (meaning for me). Since then it’s kind of evolved and we currently exceed 20k visits per day sustained, so obviously there is some value to the site and the page mentioned above.

While you weather gurus may not appreciate the simplicity of the site or lack of technical information, many people find the site to be an easy, quick and reliable source of information when they need it without a ton of technocrap and I welcome all feedback, good or bad. For those of us who live in Florida time is important and searching around for the information that helps us make informed decisions is not something we have especially during the last few hours prior to landfall and Joe “Basturdy” is not an option for any serious Floridian.

I’m sorry that some of you weather geeks found the page to be seriously lacking interesting material but for those lay people who just want it simple and to the point I hope you find the site useful and if it saves your rumpuss from making the wrong decision one day then it’s all been worth the countless hours that are spent weekly to maintain the site.

Well, I’m sure you would have to admit that it is quite a remarkable coincidence, but if our assumption was incorrect we apologize. If your original post had shared more info about your use of the site, its value, or even your location (based on the forum time display you are somewhere in far eastern europe?) as being in the hurricane zone, or you had replied to the question in my first post with some information we likely would not have gone down this path.


I’m the owner and our dedicated server is located in Texas (away from Florida for very good reason). My site is a two years in the making and to be honest it was designed to keep me entertained. Since then it’s evolved and we must have hit a nerve somewhere because we do quite well each day and our reviews are reflective of this. Koko was kind enough to inform me of a minor “chit” storm created in this thread and so here I am explaining things now #-o. While I’m flattered that Koko shared his experience with our site (I really wish others made the effort as well) I expect such activities to be respectful and appropriate and only where welcome, no exceptions.

Welcome, real Koko!

So what resolution is it designed for? The PC is 1280 and I still have scroll bars. What percentage of webusers do you think have wider than 1280 screens? what is your target market, gamers?

1280x1024 is what is used and tested and no scroll bars whatsoever with plenty of room to spare. Anyone with a 19" monitor is already viewing at that resolution and yea while atm it may limit our userbase (that was intentional) down the road this will be standard for most
and as stated previously, the site was designed for my joy, if others also get enjoyment hey that’s fantastic. The site was not designed with a market or profit in mind, it fills a need, my need for instant information about a wide variety of topics and it pays for itself on top of it (have you priced dedicated servers lately?)

As for the REAL koko :lol:. Koko is my dog and hates attention unless you rub his belly and if he could talk would be fairly ticked that I allowed his name to be used by an outsider to the family.