HTTP Automated File name changed

I use the HTTP to download a GIF file which works fine, then I select View/Download images then select automate. It had been working prior to Version 9.29, and since then a new file name exists in my DOWNLOAD directory.

File name: nationwide.gif is the original file.

The previously automated files were nationwide1.gif, nationwide2.gif, etc. up to 6 files.

Now the new name is nationwid1e.gif, nationwid2e.gif, etc. up to 6 files. When it animates, it is using the old file names of nationwide1.gif, nationwide2.gif which are outdated, in my case.

What appears to be happening is when the program counts over to the end if the filename, it is shy by 1 digit. I tried shortening the filename and it does it no matter how long the filename is, it is taking the last two letters and inserting the number in between them.

Any clues? :cry: