HTML tags don't match WD web page values

I’m trying to recreate the standard WD web page to check that I’ve got the right tags before re-using them on a page of my own. In doing this I’ve found some tags which show different values to the values on WD’s default web page. I might be picking the wrong tags to display, but I’ve not been able to find any that give the same values as shown by WD.

%avtenminutewind% gives a different value than the ‘Average windspeed (ten minute)’ value. Sometimes it’s higher than the value on the default web page, sometimes lower.

[color=green]%maxgst% gives a different value than the ‘Maximum gust (since 0 hour)’ value on the web page. The default web page shows:

10 mph at: 12:09

and the %maxgst% tag shows:

10.5 mph N at: 12:09

It may be that the tag value is getting an extra decimal place and the direction added to it, but I may be assuming I’m picking up the correct value because the times match.[/color]

Barometer corrected to msl has an extra decimal place on the default WD web page than the %baro% tag.

Maximum 1 minute average (since 0 hour) seems to be rounding and losing a decimal place compared to %max1minuteavwind%

%maxgsthr% gives an extra decimal place and includes the direction compared to the ‘Maximum Gust (last hour)’ value.

The extra decimal places and directions don’t worry me too much, but I would like to know that I’ve picked the correct values to display.

the first one shares the same data, so not sure why, make sure you are comparing at the same time, thats all i can think
the second one:
the screen is rounded, for the web table, so now decimal places (as the raw value is in knots) but the round function rounds down.
i have not changed it to display the decimal place (although the anenometer is not that accurate to show a decimal place, lol

the Tag gets the direction becuase it uses the value shown on the main screen…which is not in the web table (i could add the direciton to the web table one)

barometer:yeah, i had it that for stations with barometer only accurate to 1 hpa, it did not show the decimal place
i have fixed that now …for the next version

download a new version, and it should be much better

Incidently, I have just updated the help page for custom tags to reflect the current list in the “OwnTemplate.txt” file provided with WD 9.67.

The link is “6.Using custom Tags” under “Sending data / Reports to Others”.


also, chris, please post here the html code with the custom tags to reproduce WD’s default web table so others can use it (and i will include with the download as an example and starting point for creating your own custom web page but sitll have wd’s simple but effective (and fast loading) web page table

please post here the html code with the custom tags to reproduce WD's default web table

I’ll try the latest version and post the HTML as soon as my WD PC is working again. Something has gone phut this evening :cry: :cry: and it won’t even get as far as the BIOS. I have a horrible feeling that it’s either the motherboard or the processor. I don’t even get any POST beeps with all the cards removed and the HDD/FDD/CD disconnected :cry:

maybe try reseating the memory chips?

maybe try reseating the memory chips?

Only one module and I’ve had it in/out a couple of times. I don’t get POST beeps with no memory in the machine.

i have had a similar thing happen just last night, after a accidental shut down…i now have no PC…my main WD pc!
.maybe a virus that has upset the bios?
or my cpu is stuffed and or MB (the cpu fan was going!)

What kind of CPU were you using? Mine is/was an Athlon. AMD chips are more susceptible to death due to overheating and I’m wondering if that’s what happened to mine. Perhaps the fan died or didn’t start up and the CPU fried itself?