Html code problem

On the top of my page, to the far lecft side, I have the following html showing: Weather bgproperties=“fixed” >

Any ideas what this is, and how to fix it ?

Have a look at:

It appears to be the html code for the brick background you have!
I have no idea how to hide it.

bgproperties="fixed" >
   That's what I copied from your html source.

Clam Bagger

This code is coming from the Datahtm0.txt file(located in your webfiles directory) which is one of the templates that is used to make the html file. The code you’re referring to should not be there as such and can be deleted.
Check further down in that file and see if you find something similar to this that follows the terminator:


The "BGPROPERTIES=fixed’ tells the background to stay stationary as you scroll down the other items on your page. This is from my Datahtm0.txt file and will vary by user based upon their preferences.

So I should locate that line and delete it ?

I’ve tired going to your site but I keep getting “Page not found” so I can’t verify your current code.

No wonder you can’t pull the site up - I gave you the wrong link!! Opps!

Have a look here:

I’ll try to locate that line this evening and see if I can fix it !!

Yes, that helped…tx…

It’s the 7th line that has: Weather as you already have a title terminator just above it.

That fixed it!!

Thank you Thank you !!