HOWTO's and Tips Board Closed!

This board is now closed. Threads from here will be moved to a more appropriate board ASAP. HOWTO’s and tips will be moved to the new FAQs board and other threads will be moved to Bugs, Feature Requests, Questions, etc as appropriate.

I’ve done this because I’ve realised that HOWTO’s might be a misleading name to some people…it could be easily be mistaken for ‘How to’, i.e. a place to ask questions. Hopefully everyone knows what a FAQ is!

thanks for all your hard work chris
maybe i should send you a yearly donation or something?

just noticed you have not moved the threads from this one to the new FAQ?
or am i confused (again!)

They’re being left here for reference for now. New info will be posted into FAQs and in time the threads from here will be moved to FAQs and/or integrated into new FAQs that are being written. I wanted the move to be a human driven process so that we can extract the best from here and move any threads that should have been elsewhere, e.g. bugs, questions, etc, to a more appropriate board.