How to stop the auto relode of my internet pages?


How to stop the auto relode of my internet pages???

Because I put a counter on it and the visitors are to big to be right…
I supect some of them keeping my pages open and as it reload automaticly, my counter is really to high…

Can someone help me??

Thanks :wink: :lol:

Why not use a counter that is free , counts your visitors correctly even if they leave the pages open.
There are plenty of different ones available.
This is the one I use
If you would like to see results visit one of my stations below and click on the counter
:idea: 8O :smiley:


             I used a different method, so I can count on my "FREE" counter those that legitimately came back to my page!  I went to my Folder with WD/webfiles/datahtm0.txt and deleleted the line with "meta refresh html". and saved it!  Now I'm getting correct counts either way!