How to remove old ROM ID's?

Hi guys,

I have just moved WD back to my old laptop as I have moved a lot of my 1-wire network off the weather PC. The problem I have is that I cannot get WD to remove the extra temperature ROM ID’s. I can delete them, hit the save/reset button in the 1-wire setup, but when I restart WD, the ROM ID"s are still there. I have deleted the wdisplay.ini file, but this has not helped.

Any ideas on how to permananetly delete these ROM ID’s? At present my main station temp reads -20C as the sensor it is looking for is not there.

EDIT: Loks like a lot of settings are really messed up with WD, is there a way to default the program back to a clean start position?

Don’t know if this will work, but Brian said this in another thread:

one thing you could try:
install wd to a new folder, and then create a file there called 2wd.txt (make sure its not called 2wd.txt.txt (turn off hide known file extensions in your windows folder options), and then start up WD there.,…it should start up like brand new, no settings, no data

This file might set WD back to its defaults?

  • Dan

best way to remove unwanted rom id
set the rom id as :
and click on save/reset then restart wd

Have done that myself, but you still have blah displayed in the setup. :slight_smile: