How to make tables in "Tides processing script - displaying graphically"

Thanks for help so far.
The tide graphic is up, but there is no table to show.
Can anyone tell me how to make a tide-table under the graphic?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think this is what you’re looking for

As seen on my site

Thanks. Yes, a tidetable like that, but I want to keep the graphic. (the gauge, not the .gif image.)

I don

Maybe this is what you’re looking for…

Thats the script I have used. But the script doesn

The script forever showed you will work, then just place the Guage image on top of the tide table.

Dont know how to do that. I bearly got the graphic up. :slight_smile:

The .php script look like this.

tides-php.txt (9.38 KB)

[quote author=tobydude link=topic=64560.msg518080#msg518080 date=1486762858]
Thats the script I have used. But the script doesn

Yes, I have WX32Tide running in WD ant WD creates the tideprediction.html file correct. Here:

But how do I get the nice table layout AND the graphic on the same page?


I wanted it to look like this:

if you are using the script from you should be using 2 scripts plus an icon folder
your tide script is based on the tide_processor and should only have had 3 lines altered i.e. tidepediction.html path, icon path and date = no
you appear not to have the file that creates the table this is where your gauge would be added i.e. tide_table_template.php.

<?php error_reporting(0); // Change this to point to the tides_processor.php file require_once("./tide/tides_processor.php"); ?> Tide


rest of table

the line with the jpg in is where the link to the gauge would go this is assuming you are using the newton script
this may be of help


Thank you . I suspected there were two scripts onvolved. :slight_smile:
I will try tide_processor script first to see if any tables are showing.
Then, add the gauge code.


The tides_processor.php script doesnt work.

I put the script part from “tide_table_template.php” into “tides_processor.php”. (I placed it at the bottom of tides_processor.php)
The table shows but there are no data. Since the table shows, I assume I

some of your problem are because you are trying to merge the scripts
suggest you try this
unzip a fresh copy of the tide template and shorten folder name to tide
next make a copy of the tide_table_template.php and rename tide.php
next in the tide.php change the following

// Change this to point to the tides_processor.php file
require_once(“./weather2/tide/tides_processor.php”); make as shown

Your location for Tides


gauge link goes on this line

leave rest as is

next only change these lines in the tide_processor.php

// Set the server path to your tideprediction.html file //
$tidefile = “./weather2/uploadWD/tideprediction.html”; //or try
// //
// Set the URL to the moon icons - no trailing slash //
$moonimg = “./weather2/tide/icons”; // make it as I have shown
// //
// If your tide dates include years (Monday 2008-09-10) change this to “yes” //
$yearDate = “no”;

no need to alter anything else //

next upload the tide.php file to your weather2 folder then upload the tide folder to the weather2 folder

now when the tide.php is called it will call the tide_processor.php to fill the tide.php in and you should get something like mine

Hope this is of help


Tryed… didn

Hi again.
Found out that it is not in the scripts files. It

Hi agaiun.
I had a conjac and got a step further.
Now, the gauge shows with the exact time to next tide. (wow!) :slight_smile:

But there are some strange errors that I dont find the source of.

Any idea, hcorrin?

And how do I center the gauge?

well your getting there
I do not have the tide gauge script where is it downloadable from, so can not try to see how it works and I assume the tide.php is now different and the errors show its not where I expected but it does work.
I tried playing with the tide file you posted earlier in thread but that only showed time of next high tide 12 hour in the future and no image both on left of screen, so that is missing something I don’t have.
PHP is new to me as well, was only just getting the hang of HTML.
If the gauge is an image


should have worked in the orig tide file I talked about Harold

The gauge is acctually 50 .jpg images that comes to “live”, showing the exact time to next tide. (as the pointer moves).
Its very neat. I think it is more “neat” than the gif image in WXTide32.

You can download the script here:

have read most of that now but page 4 post 51 has the answer to your centering problem not sure what is causing the errors