How to keep Outside Humidity readings from reporting.

My outside humidity sensor is not reporting properly so I want to keep it’s erroneous readings off my Weather Display screen as well as my Weather Underground site.
Indoor humidity has a toggle switch. Does Outdoor Humidity have a ‘switch’ also to keep it from reporting and or showing on Weather Display?
(I have an aging Davis WMII on the roof and will not be replacing the sensor any time soon, though that would be the ultimate solution)

You could set WD to use the humidity reading
From a downloaded near by metar

That appears to just what I need! Thanks

Now I need to get it to work. Several options to consider such as .txt vs .taf?
It is saving a .taf file to my computer but it is not showing up on my station report.
Don’t know if there is any trick to it but I will trial and error it.

Make sure you have the latest WD update
As noaa changed to using https