How to incorporate data from an external sensor?


I have sensors (4-20mA current loop) for water temparature and salinity which have been used in a NI-LabView application so far.
How can I incorporate this sensors in WD/WD Live?
I could e.g. write a piece of LabView code that generates a special clientraw file from that data. And that could be read by WD live additionally to the other files.
Is that possible? Or any other ideas?

Thanks and best regards,

Anybody any idea on this?
It is still interesting for me. I am wondering if it is possible to provide an extra textfile that can be read by WD. The data should appear as extra sensor in WD Live.

An other possibility is maybe to have a button in WDLive that opens a new graph that comes from LabView. Is that possible in WD Live?

Greetings, Uta