How to get more detailed information from WXSIM's output?

Apologies if this is a redundant question but I am not very familiar with various options WXSIM offers.
Besides the 2m temperature (for my town) I’d like to plot the temperatures at higher altitudes. In particular, I’d be interested for the 900 mb and 850 mb.
Also, is it possible to get the solar energy production forecast?
All these data I’d like (if possible!) to read from e.g. txt files of some format so I can plot them online.
Currently, I’m using the WRET output for the ‘NordicWeather “EWN” scripts’.
Many thanks!

Some of the info you want can be found in latest.csv. I see T850mb in there. There’s also Solar Radiation in W/m^2 in the CSV file but I’m not sure if that’s what you mean by solar energy production forecast?

You might find other interesting data in the file but if you want more then I’m not sure there’s a way to configure WxSim to give additional output.

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WxSim can produce the solar energy production forecast. However, I believe you’ll need to contact Tom so that he can customize a “solar panel” file for your specific need. Once he provides that file and you download it to WxSim, you will see some additional WxSim output in the form of latestsolar.csv and latestsolardaily.csv files.

A few years back I assisted a friend in generating solar production graphs using the output from these files. You can see that on his site.

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Hi Mihec!

For 850 mb temperature, that’s column X in latest.csv. Column W is "level 1 temperature), which varies some with the altitude of the station, but is about 925 mb on average for a site about 300 m or 1000 ft above sea level. There’s also latestblyr.csv, with a variety of above-ground temperature data. Solar irradiance is a standard output. Also, I can customize (for a fee, because it’s a good bit of work) solar panel output, given the dimensions, specs, and orinetation of solar panels.

I hope that helps!