How to display Solar Sensor in WD Graph

Running WD 10.37S-B150 on Windows 11 with a Davis VP2.

I added a Davis solar sensor to my weather station today and have set it up in WD and I am looking for suggestions to get the solar data to display in the WD temp/RH graph.

The data is in WD as shown in the Solar Setup → Current Readings tab:

The main WD display is also showing the solar data at the top left of the window in the Current Conditions section but it’s not being plotted on the graph:

Here are my chosen options in the Solar Setup → Graph Plot/Misc Settings tab:

The other pertinent tabs in the Solar Setup are:

Can someone point me in the right direction to get the solar data to display on the temp/RH graph?

Maybe Control Panel > Graph Setup > Solar/UV/Misc. Setup > Plot Solar?

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Well, duh! I’m a moron. Thanks for the info.