How to correct/recalculate the monthly rain value?

I see some error in monthly total rain value.

In the above image or If I go to View > Noaa style reports I see that some months report a wrong rain total value. Daily rain are ok, but the sum of the values at the end is wrong (388mm instead the correct value (the sum of all daily value) of 55.3mm).

If I go to “log/data file viewer/correct data” and load the month with wrong values, I see that daily values are ok.

How to modify/recalculate the “monthly rain total” ?

Thanks for any advice


I found this thread:

Could be useful in solving my problem but the WD version I’m running (latest release) miss the “new monthly total rain” field and the relative button “correct the monthly total rain”.

Any help in finding them much appreciated!

And last thing discovered, in the attempt to correct the first month with error (Feb 2007), I see that 22007lg.txt report correct rain value but 22007lgten.txt report lot’s of error about rain value, I believe the problem come from this log file.

under view, rain chart
you can correct/set the needed rain totals for each month there

Found it! I put new values and total monthly rain are now Ok.

Thanks for help me.



Just bumpin’ this.

WD recorded 312.6 mm of rain yesterday for some reason when there was, in fact none.

Anyway, I’ve updated the daily/monthly data as described above but the yearly total is still wrong, even though I clicked the update button for the year.

How can I correct this?