how to change wrong UV value in Detailed Climate Report


I had for two days in december 2011 a problem in a cable from my UV sensor. For two days I have UV 16.
That`s way to high. Must be round 0.6

How to correct this?

Tried to find it but…


change the value in the xxxxvantagelog.txt file
then convert that log to solar data , under action, import logfiles, convert wd logfiles…

back up first

Hi Brian,

Did what you advised.
I think this part was succesful.

But now another problem…
When I make a new detailed climate report, data is missing. See attachment.
I use the new climatedata.html with soil in it from Wildwood Weather.
I started with soil data in may 2011.
The new detailed climate report made this year is working correct.
When I make the climate data report from june, july…december 2011 I have same problem as on attachment (dec. 2011)
How to resolve this.

I did not had any troubles with WD so logfiles must be ok


I hope someone can help me out wit this.
I would like to have soil data in detailed climate report only for the months from may till december 2011.
A part of data in detailed climate report is empty. (see post above this one with picture)
I changed the climate data html file because I need the soil data in it.

The new detailed climate report starting this year is working ok

make sure the data is correct in the logfiles used for those months

Hi Brian,

Did some investigation again.
It seems that all data is ok


Hi Brian,

I changed for a few seconds pc date to 31 january.
Now I could make al detailed climate repoerts from july till december 2011.
So my problem is resolved.
I have now all detailed climate reports which I needed and without wrong UV data.

Remains the fact that I had to change pc date to 31 januari to make this possible.
Not a big problem but…it should not be necessary.

EDIT: Brian, I would appreciate if this becomes possible to make correction to Detailed Climate report without changing pc date/time to 31 of the month.
I see that I have to make a few more corrections in months is 2010 so it would be great if this problem resolves.