How to change screenshot of program background!

Hi all, is my first post here in the forum…

I am finally getting around to make a website for my station after running WD for several months… How do i change the background of the screenshot of the program (data, not the graph) to reflect on my web page? :?:
I can’t get mine from just being black…was able to change everything else but that…thought i had seen it before but now can’t find it

You might need one or the other, or both.

First the background you need, must be uploaded to your web site in the folder or location your html will go.

From setup ftp etc. go to web files. There will be a box toward the top that will say something about wallpaper. type in the exact name of the file of the background you uploaded with the extention, jpg or gif.

Click on the same page to update the html and the ok.

the next upload of the program should address the issue.

However, as things might happen…

Go to the datahtm0.txt in the web files. near the top there should be something like…
BACKGROUND=“cows_pasture_light_lg_wht.jpg” bgproperties=“fixed” >

I have the cows right now so between the quotes put in the exact file that you uploaded and of course have on the other page. exit and save or save and exit.

It should work.

let me know if not.

Maybe i didnt make my request precise enough…I dont want to add a background per say like clouds or similar…just want to change the color of the screenshot to anything else but black!.. It is just the basic shot of the same thing on my desktop, but with a different color

Doug ~

I believe you right click on the graph portion of the main screen, then select "setup colors (or colours) :smiley: and when that window opens you’ll see at the bottom of the middle column “Screen Capture”.

I fiddeled with that some time ago and I believe that’s what you’re looking for.

easier than you thought.
go to graph set up , the last thing to the far right on your desk top. Go to set graph colors. There you will find everything you need. that is where it is hidden.

yup, set screen shot colour, on the colour setup
and tick, use this screen shot colour on web page image
hope that helps :slight_smile: