HOW-TO add a movie to the webcam block ** Solved **

How would I add a link to the bottom of the block to show a movie but keeping the block functioning the same

I would like to show show in an popup

Step 1: Modify the _my_settings/webfilm_popup.php script.
1.1 Set the correct link in line 29 so it reads (in your case)

<iframe src="" style="margin: 0 auto; width: 100%; height: 100%; "  frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

1.2 Set line 24 to comment by adding a comment mark # at the first position

# die ('Script needs to be adapted to your movie first ') ;

1.3 Test:
=> Should show the movie
=> If it shows “Script needs to be adapted to your movie first”
==>point 1.2 is not done.

Step 2: modify the PWS_blocks.php to add the clickable link
2.1 Remove the comment mark # on the first position of line 423 and adapt the link to the correct script.
It now reads

#$blck_ppp [$script][]   = array ('show' => true,  'popup' => '_my_settings/cam_movie_popup.php',  'chartinfo' => 'popup',   'text' => $movie_txt  );

it should read (in your case)

$blck_ppp [$script][]   = array ('show' => true,  'popup' => '_my_settings/webfilm_popup.php',  'chartinfo' => 'popup',   'text' => $movie_txt  );

This is tricky, so better make a copy of the current script before making any change.

2.2 Test: should show the new link as in attached screenshot.

Succes, Wim


Working now. I just missed step 1.2