How do i upload wmv and graphs to different folder?


How do i set WD to upload the 20090921.gif graphs to different folder on the server
Same for the 20090919dayvideo.wmv video files, these to need to go to a different folder

I cannot see anything in the Advanced Internet Settings? other than File #2 but i dont really need
all the curr**** graphs going to the new folder, just the date stamped ones

I cant see anything in there for the videos? am i looking in the wrong please?


Sorry to bump this but i would very much like to know how to set up WD to do this?
Its a pain having to do it manually!

why do you need them to go to a different remote directory?

It takes an age to load the directory cause it has to go through all the files, Its a pain when your editing files
on the ftp, im waiting for like 10 seconds for the dir to refresh, now i have moved all the files mentioned above
into separate folders its back to lightning speed again

If your asking me why i would need it then i take it WD cannot do it?