How do I setup weather report e-mail?

Hi friends,

I am confused with the setup and settings of the report e-mail screen. I see two timetables, one at the right side and one at the left side and also two setups, setup 1 and setup 2, but only one box for the e-mail addresses. So when do I use the table at left, when do I use the table at right for the e-mail list box? Depending on the setup I use? How do I understand when and which table is assigned to which setup? Which boxes in the setup screen should I tick or untick to activate the two setups at the same time? Because I want to attach two different files to two different persons at different times…



Ozgur the box on the right has this under the On Off button… Not normally used.

You would use the left side for normal regular weather report emails.

Setup 1 would be used for the one address and file and then setup 2 for the other address and file as far as I know but don’t have multiple setups so never tried myself.