How do I fix this ... is it a bug?

The time is a little off.

An while we are at it can we get the warmest day and night switched.

Damn, you could sure get a lot done in a day that long!!! 8O

Yea, but it was to Windy. Get it! Windy. HA.

you can set that, under action, enter your own all time records (and click on set, then yes to save)
i have changed the warmest day/night now
it only calcualtes at 6am to 6pm
you guys sure do give me a hard time
i think i should pull the plug
to stressful

you guys sure do give me a hard time i think i should pull the plug to stressful

I think one of the problems is that no-one (other than you) is sure what’s planned to be added/fixed. This means that some people might feel that they need to remind you about their favourite bugs, potential bugs and suggestions which were made weeks/months ago and now seem to be forgotten. Is it worth setting up a topic, that only you can update, where you can add (brief) details of things that you’re considering when you have the time to add them?

Perhaps we can move you from :bad-words: to :BIG:

i have put in silly date checks like that now, but people can correct past bad data.

baby allistair is cutting 1 year old molars,i.e cries alot, disgusting smelly nappies, and is very clingy, and needs lots of attention

and so the stress levels are high around here

there is a plug here to be pulled? :cry:

Teething babies what is worse is when they want the car keys. Now that is worse.


Yes, I had a low temperature of -58 on mine, but easily fixed. I knew it seemed a tad cold that day.

Great program and works fine. It is the weekend, I wonder what happens if I change some settings??

Hang in there Brian, it gets better and better. Now teenagers that is a whole different issue ( to hobbitville with ye)