how do I create this noaa climate graph file?

i can create this locally but am struggling to send it to my host.

how do you get a year’s climate report to ftp?

Go to ‘View’ > ‘Averages/Extremes/Records’ > goto ‘NOAA Reports/Email Reports/…’ tab and select the ‘Upload NOAA report Daily…’ and ‘Upload Daily the standard reports…’ switches.

If you’ve recreated a monthly climatedataout report you’ll need to ftp it manually.


thanks Steve, that’s great.

do they update just after midnight?

also how do you generate the file automatically for the climate graph for temp in the noaa section?

still struggling to generate the year climatological summary file in the noaa format.

is there an faq or guide anywhere?

The climatedataout.html for the current month is updated once a day shortly after midnight.
The climatedatayearout.html for the current year is updated once a month (on the 1st of the following month).

To recreate a climatedatayearout file, select View>>Averages/Extremes/Noaa Style Reports. Select the Detailed Climate Report tab.
Enter the appropriate year in the Select year box and click the update year to date button. The updated report will then be your webfiles subdirectory.

great - thanks so much.

they are now in the web folder.

how do i budge them to ftp? i clicked ‘update all internet now’ from the main menu and also ‘upload file now’ in the ftp ‘advanced internet settings’ under ‘internet file creation and uploads’

second q - how do i create the average temp condition graph in the noaa settings? it looks great.

thanks again

If you’ve recreated a monthly climatedataout file it will be in your \webfiles folder. You’ll need to manually ftp it to your web server. Search for ‘WS_FTP LE’ if you are running a Windows machine and need a free ftp client.


great. I uploaded it ok.

how do I get a climate graph ?
such as this one in av. temp/tables in the av/extremes noaa style reports: