How can I setup WDL with Lightning Detector HobbyBoards

Hi, How can I setup wdlconfig.xml and wd with LightningDetector HobbyBoards?
this’s my xml file:

:?what’s software


75 150 225 300 375
50 100 150



my weatherpage:
LightningDetector works fine with Wd (10.34r) but don’t update nothing :frowning:

You can’t use the 1 wire lightning detectors with WDL as they don’t provide any distance or direction information. However they can be used to trigger the lightning activity icon. See the Configuring WDL pdf guide for details.


Where is the ‘sync icons’ enabled set from in WD?

To get the animated lightning icon in WDL should be set to 1 or 0?

Sync icons is not needed for lightning activity and neither is the ignore icon keywords tag. Just set the 0 tag to the number of strikes per minute recorded by your lightning detector that you wish to trigger the lightning activity animated icon.


thanks softvark
so this detector hobbyboards can be used only for lightning counts in lihteninggraph.gif with wd or icon with lightning with wdl #-o
For Distance or direction I must buy a professional lightning det as stormtracker or Boltek and Lightning2000 as sw, it’s useless this from hobbyboards :?

its still interesting to see the counts go up and down on the lightning graph

Yes you do get an idea of lightning activity in your vicinity, you just don’t get the positioning of strikes.


In eager anticipation of getting my Hobby boards lightning detector, like Korn I’m a little disappointed if WDL will only use the lightning detector to show the lightning icon.

Is there a way to have a count of strikes displayed as a bar, or just a counter in WDL??.. or do I have to link to a WD graph from WDL??

You could put the graph on the same page as WDL.
For the price I found the 1-wire detector very good, it gives a good 20-30 mile range and is sensitive. OK it’s not a Boltek but you’re not paying Boltek money for it either. :wink:

Here’s a graphic you can use as well if you want too. I made it for my own site but I’ve just got a Boltek and the 1-wire detector suffered from a close strike and doesn’t really work now. So Help yourselves if you want to use it. :wink: