How can I check why my WD hangs?

Hi All
how can I check why my WD hangs?
Several weeks after moving to another computer. And today with unknown causes of crashes.
The computer is newly installed windows XP Pro and Norton IS2009. Nothing more on this machine is not working at that time.
After I restart the WD load data from the loger. It starts to work normally. Opens webcamcapture, WU uploader, FTP sends data. After receiving approximately 200 - 1000 packets of data from the station, my WD hangs.
How to find the cause?
Please help.
Applicable version 10.37N b.20 and earlier (since I installed the latest, believing that this will help)


do you have a USB data logger?
also try not running Norton

Yes I have a USB data logger.
Has not had the problem with Norton
But I tried to disable firewall and live AutoScan Antivirus, AntiSpyware did not help. You think I need to uninstall it completely?


I noticed that WD has always hung on a full minute, eg 20:48:00

most likely the problem is with the USB data logger

there are many posts on solutions that migth or might not help

the different pc will be what is the problem (some pc’s have problems, some dont)

I can go back to the computer from which to migrate 3 weeks ago.
There was old version, which does not remove it. Do I have to move everything as in the procedure described in the forum? Is it enough just to move some data files?

you can merge the logfiles and then recreate the data files from the merged logfile

Ohh … sorry … is still a little bit about what I forgot.
Data are collected from the console via the Virtual VP … whether it can make the difference?
Virtual VP shows no errors and it works correctly.
If I connect to the VVP program and VWS Weatherlink both to work correctly.

Brian, thank You for your willingness to help.
I found the reason for hanging on the program. I am reminded each other what I was doing before I leaving for work. Because right after I exited the program is hanged.
I changed the icons, which you recommended in one thread in the forum.
[, 38396.0.html](, 38396.0.html)
I changed a few icons, and after this program hanged.
I changed the icons on the *. png
Now, I restored the default and it works correctly. Almost 2 hours without a problem.
I think that something is not working well with this change of images.

Again thank You and greetings

not sure whats up with those icons in use
Tim,who developed them, has not reported any problems with using them
I have tried to duplicate the problem but have not with simple setup testing…
I really need someone settings files who has that problem

Brian, if I can somehow help, please to write what I do, what to check or send.
On my WD I’m afraid to try because I am strong scare today, possible loss of data :wink:

Hmmmm I converted to the new icons today and WD hung three times. I reset to default icons then restarted all seems to be well at johnsnhweather. Brian if you want me to try anything let me know.


maybe try converting that new icons to gif images and then load?

This is embarrassing but, how in the $#@! do you change icons to gif images for free.


Even though I did reset to the default images, not all returned.
Now that appears to be mist, a picture appeared on the new series of images. After the program is hang.
I tried several times to reset the images, unfortunately I can not restore them.
How to enforce?


Hi andretti,

All I did was hit the “Reset to default incons (and then restart the program)” bar on the “Select the Main Screen Icon” tab. I then restarted WD and all was well.


i can change the icons, using a free program ,called, ifranview

but I also need to try and duplicate the problem here, with someone settings files

to reset the icons to delete

remove the
‘Own icons’

section from the wdisplay.ini file
and then restart WD

(yes, the mist one if not deleted…do that manualy , will be fixed in the next update)

Hi Brian
I turned off the program.
I changed place folder of the new images.
Launched the program and I have the original pictures !! :slight_smile:
and now i see the orginal mist picture :slight_smile:


Thanks for help