Hours of frost

Sorry another TAG request :slight_smile: Has the hours of overnight air frost been taken out of the latest version ? It used to show up under trends - above days with no rain ?

Also when I use the TAG in a wx.html file it shows up as a strange number ? (0-491:0-57)


I have attached a screen capture from the website to show the problem

hours of frost.JPG

Does anybody have any thoughts on what might be causing this problem ? I thought it may have been because WD was running under root for a while but chown of datafiles back to WD normal user has not resolved ? :?

Guess no one has come across this before ?

Brian - what file is the accumulated hours of frost stored in ? Maybe I could try recreating it from logfiles ?


the problem was it was not being reset when the temperature went above 10C
I will get a new update uploaded to fix that

cheers Brian , much appreciated. :smiley:

BTW - the Linux version is so incredibly stable now! I can get data counts of in-excess of 150,000 now before a refresh is required , Iā€™m sure others would vouch for this too. Good work !!

Hi Brian,

Temperature went above 10C today and hours of frost has reset to ā€˜0ā€™ What i was after was an accumulation of overnight air frost for the past 12 months. Is there another TAG I should be using ?