hot enough to roast an Aardvark

the heat is on today… THSW is 125 and even the Davis Console is listing a high head index advisory.

We are inside right now and I hope before we head out to the grocery store, the sun goes down. I have leather seats and am wearing shorts… not the ideal situation.

If we do, I hope I have the sense to use the remote starter to cool things off a bit.

anyway, there is a heat advisory on until tomorrow afternoon, particularly for the folks older than me and those infirm . Sorry I have to say this… Warn Mr.McCain… he qualifies on both… sorry, won’t happen again, really, I will sit in ashes, wear sack cloth and atone for that one, really… no ants for me. Must be the effects of this diet that I am on… one of those medically supervised ones… 960 calories a day… must be it… yes, that is it… the diet and the heat… yup, definitely, won’t happen again, Niko, nope, not sure, but right now… I am sorry. #-o :roll: 8O


Well actually I prefer my Aardvarks Bar-B-Qued instead of roasted.

You want HoT Come to Texas. Thats just a walk in the park 99.9 index a rising
Coyote :smiley:

Or Louisiana


Seems like you folks in the US have gone from summer floods to summer droughts in 5 weeks! Linda - that’s H-O-T! We rarely get to 32

You are a little hotter than us at least you have trees. 8)

We get this same high pressure dome over us every year…pay a lot of money to the water utility in August and September to keep the grass from dying. Thankfully I have a ginormous pecan tree in the back yard but the front yard is a different story…it’s exposed to full sun most of the afternoon. Shreveport is blessed with 4 different water sources locally so we haven’t ever had to go to water rationing (knock on wood).

it is supposed to rain this afternoon. Now that can go both ways… considering the humidity, dew point and temperature… either it cools off or someone loses a barn or two.

It is cloudy right now, but hot and muggy… so I am betting on the barn being gone, if it rains around here. not that I have a barn

heat is gone, but severe thunderstorm warning right now…hmmm . we have a nest of baby bunnies out there, wet rabbits… I assume there is a pun… Wet Wabbits?
Me is in yellow ( appropriate?>>>-)


Well your rain has started at 12:30, and 90% rH … perhaps that will cool off your tail a little… and take care of the baby bunnies… at least it will be cool for them and not Woast Wabbits anymore…

DP depression is still only 3.2F and 73DP that’s hot and muggy stuff! I’ll have to check for lightning maps…

Well at 12:40 it must be teaming cos its telling you to “build a Freak’n Ark”… gone from .02" to .31" in 10 mins… say 1.8" an hour - that’s a good pour… and humidity has climbed 2% as well… hope you sleep well…

slept well. to day the wife is entering food in the fair and I have to schlep her over there… to the fair… kind of rhymes. her car is in the shop. Me on my diet day 5…

It did cool off , we got 0.59 in rain and it is a little foggy here with the humid 95%… but better than the past two days.

The Aardvark roasting weather has moved into our neighborhood today.

sorry to hear about that… Didn’t know Indiana had Aardvarks living there too…

yo, ardvark, you can now setup a signature banner easily in build 19 of WD
see under control panel, summary image and icon setup, down the bottom…setup signature banner
then customise the options under setup, and then set to upload (gets uploaded when the summary.gif gets uploaded)
(and then use that (signaturebanner.gif) as a signature banner instead of the summary.gif

Awwww you did it for me…

I will give it a shot… oh for the next few days… I am going away so I will have my generic web page going. The computer still crashes so I am shutting down my site for a few days just to see if something is conflicting with WD. This is nuts, I was writing the school social worker and the dang thing froze again. rats

suppose I could reset the whole thing back to factory settings but Idon’t really want to go that route.

annoying sucker… keeps popping up on my screen and everything is crowded… but then again… maybe I don’t need a weather banner.

I am going off line for a couple of days … to see if WD is conflicting with something… I can’t imagine that it would but I gotta find out.

ops, my fault that it pops open like that!
(unset to upload to stop that)
(i copied the section of code for when you got to set it up)
I will fix that when I get back home later today

its a start…yes, I will make it wider and spread things out
also the background image is stretched…
and I will make the station name wording a bit bigger…

you could change the colour of the other data, to make that stand out more…

mucus green works for me :wink: