Hosting websites - what do folks use?

Having “issues” with ftp on the webspace that is “free” with my ISP provider (Zen Internet in the UK); and am considering paying for proper hosted webspace.

What do people use/recommend?

I was looking at Squarespace - does anyone use this for a WD weather site?
Or GoDaddy?


Bravenet for about 3 years, has been great but probably not the cheapest.

Hi Nigel,

I use “UK Servers” they are based in Chard in Somerset, never had a problem with them could really recomend them, used to be with 123-reg and their servers were down more than they were up, don’t touch them with a barge pole



Which package do you use? (

Hi Nigel,

I use the “Basic” hosting plan it costs me about

Like an very large number of folk on the Forum I have been using E-Rice as a host for one of my sites for a couple of years now…For a wx related site they seem to be very reasonably priced indeed and have been ultra reliable so far. I registered a new domain with Go-daddy and with help from the WD forum got everything all set up very quickly. There will be a thread as to how I did it, which explains the procedure.

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Hi Nigel,

I use the “Basic” hosting plan it costs me about - 6 years.

I use Heart Internet - secure, reliable with great customer service. Paid around

I have e-rice for hosting, godaddy for domain name. No problems so far.

e-rice for 3yrs now well priced and no problems

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Odd, they don’t seem to offer a Basic service for as low as

I use Ariotek and am very happy with them. There are 4 or 5 of us here on the forum who use them. Support is excellent and very quick. They have several options listed here. I used to use the Basic package, but have now moved to the Advanced because I needed to host more domains for email and WWW.


Yes, you’re correct I was. OK, on the same page now.

I registered yesterday from goDaddy and I’ll have a look at VirtualNames & Ariotek today; thanks all…

I use HostPapa, not being in the UK I chose the Canadian package as it worked out the cheapest. But the UK site is offering

Just a quick note to say thanks to all for the suggestions on hosting. In the end I registered the domain with GoDaddy and went with a basic hosting package from All went well yesterday with the transfer and the new site for anyone who is interested is at


Good stuff and those two dots look amazing!! :rofl:

Sorry, I take it that the index file is in the building stage as I can see the other pages are already on there. :wink:

Now the hard work starts.
Is it going to be a brand new site or a straight transfer of the old one? doesn’t open for me?

WOW, you’re right 8O

Try here: :wink: